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Consulting services in the field of materials science. Application of Teflon and anti-corrosion coatings. Production of nanopowders, non-standard ligatures and modifiers, DTA and TGA analyzers.

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About us

PTFE Coatings

the application of non-stick non-adhesive aggressively rack PTFE coating to any materials or products from aluminum and its alloys, steel, iron, ceramics, glass, etc.

Structural analysis devices upgrade

modernization of obsolete diffractometers using modern Intel (France) registration systems

Nanopowders production

metal oxides nanopowders by request with technical analysis of dimensions and phase composition

DTA, TGA systems

technique for identifying and quantitatively analyzing the chemical composition of substances by observing the thermal behaviour of a sample as it is heated

Manufacture and repair of furnaces

resistance melting furnaces and heat treatment furnaces