PTFE coatings

The integrity plays an important role during the operation of parts and products coated with non-stick layer. With intensive use, this layer becomes damaged and detail begins to lose its functional properties (increases adhesion - "sticking"). It is necessary to replace a new part, investing in its value. An alternative is to replace the teflon layer, but not the entire detail.

Use of PTFE coatings
  • baking and confectionery industry: firms deck, sheets for baking muffins, cookies, baguettes, croissants, pizza; forms for the manufacture of chocolate, sweets
  • meat and dairy industry: termopates and thermoknives
  • refrigeration industry: adhesive coatings materials in the area of low temperatures (semi-frozen dough, ravioli, pizza, etc.)
  • medical equipment
  • copying, flexographic and office equipment, shafts and rollers duplicating machines
  • packaging equipment: knives for welding thermoplastic plastics minipack and others.
  • press-molds for forming articles from thermoplastic plastics, polystyrene and rubber
  • textile industry: the shafts
  • welding mirrors, welding of polyethylene, polypropylene pipes

Coatings are applied commercially, which includes several incremental processes. Selection of the type of coverage considering functionality of the product and its service conditions. We perform the application of non-stick non-adhesive aggressively rack PTFE coating to any materials or products from aluminum and its alloys, steel, iron, ceramics, glass, etc.

Main advantages of PTFE coatings
  • temperature resistance from -150° up to +340° (short-term to +380°)
  • high friction, adhesive and dielectric properties
  • high chemical and biochemical stability
  • biological inactivity
Our proposals
  • Recovering of used PTFE coatings, including the products of complex geometric shapes. (The cost and duration of the order depends on the application of the product, its geometry, mass, material and consistent at the stage of placing the order.)
  • applying non-adhesive coatings coatings based on VICTREX PEEK polymer.
  • we have the possibility of applying a food silicone coatings as a cheaper alternative to teflon (PTFE coated)
  • perform recovery of printing rollers and flexographic machines using Zeus polimer extrusion materials