Metal oxide nanoparticles

Nanotechnologies enable to manage physical, chemical and biological processes at the atomic and molecular levels. This allows you to create entirely new materials, devices, drugs, develop new processes. Among nanomaterials that are produced now, attention is drawn first of all for drugs with nanoparticles of silver, copper, iron, titanium, which are used in medicine, cosmetics, electronics, engineering, varnishing and painting industry and others.

It is well known, for example, what with silver, unlike any other antiseptic drugs bacterial resistance is not developing. Nanosilver stimulates the immune system, stabilizes metabolism in vivo and disinfects about 100 types of dangerous bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Iron in living organisms, helps transport oxygen to the tissues and carbon dioxide output of them. The lack of this metal in the body leads to iron deficiency anemia. The most studied and used in medicine are iron oxide nanoparticles - magnetite (Fe3O4). Iron oxide nanoparticles are used for the synthesis of magnetic drugs, contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging, to obtain ferromagnetic fluids, as a component of magnetic media, as well as an active component of the catalysts. In recent years, nanoparticles of iron oxide is widely studied and used for treatment of patients with malignant tumors.

Super paramagnetic Fe-O nanoparticles of different sizes are used in oncology hyperthermia and processes for transport of drugs to the tumor. The company Ocean NanoTech (USA) already produces and sells iron oxide nanoparticles in solutions and dry in sizes 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 nm. 1 g costs from $ 2,000 to $ 70,000!

We produce experimental batches of dry nanopowders metal oxides nanopowders in the form of preservative (soluble matrix) and pure by request with technical analysis of dimensions and phase composition (price is negotiable).